The Detroit Artists Market

Featured Exhibition – Inspired by Nature

Inspired by Nature

January 13, 2017 - February 13, 2017

Inspired by Nature: Nature has always inspired artists. Some artists directly incorporate the wonder of the natural world into their work, others use the elements of nature to create something new that has never been seen before, and some artists use nature as a metaphor for their observations about our world. Jacklyn Brickman’s art draws us to nature by exploring the relationship between people and their environments, often through simulations. Larry Cressman creates abstract sculptural drawings with dog bane and raspberry cane twigs. Todd Erickson casts sculptural works, using white cedar branches, to remind us of the beauty around us. Denes Galfi created abstractions that appear to have evolved organically from natural elements. Mary Keithan paints non-objective works of nature, drawing upon past experiences and a keen awareness of the natural world surrounding us. Armin Mersmann creates unexpected and foreboding images of a natural world straddling the border between abstraction and realism. Jasmine Murrell transforms dirt, sourced intentionally from historically meaningful locations, into a meditation on humanity’s affinity with all living things.

Curated by Jeff Cancelosi.

Exhibition: Jan. 13-Feb. 11, 2017

Opening Reception: Jan. 13, 6-9 p.m.

Gallery Talk: Jan. 28, 1 p.m.

Featured Artist: Davin Brainard