Mark Schwing

Detroit MI

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Artist Statement
Art is a phenomenon. Art is a catalyst for social growth. I'm hopeful art can encourage society to solve problems such as in energy, create social justice and come to terms with its place in the world. Art is the dream that sustains our spirit. It has become obvious that art is more than just an illusion, it helps define our lives. An artist can "break the 'paint-barrier'" if he or she can think of paint in terms of its actual physical nature. Art is a product of its environment, its relevance is a given. Public art is a chance to meet the challenges of modern life. With art we may find common truths that help us to understand each other. Art is experience, art is communication, art can bridge the gap. Art is for everybody. My work is derived from everyday life, its interactions and the social events I am witness to.
Past DAM Shows/Exhibitions
2011 Art for the Holidays
Art / Holidays 2008
Art for the Holidays 2010
Garden Sale 2011