Birgit E. Huttemann-Holz

Grosse Pointe Park MI

Aeon (Remains)
Artist Statement
I am exploring our desire for a lost Eden. In our fast changing world the infinite splendor of the natural process of entropy and decay becomes a metaphor for the continuum: A fallen world, but free to overcome form and purpose. It is just a state of transition, of change, of evolution. Fail has a dual nature of its own. It is at once a leap forward and a fall downward, one that can only be made by free human beings. The motivation for such a leap is triggered by curiosity and/or anxiety about the future and about being a human itself. The cycle of nature is endless; a work of art is an expressed glimpse of the eternal. Wax and powdered dry pigments have been the consistent medium in my paintings. I use fire and razorblades to attack and challenge my paintings. I leap and fail, but where creativity and failure dance, I approach the truth. When I succeed I transcend tragedy and see the genesis of beauty and the ephemeral. Birgit Huttemann-Holz, 2014