Judy Chappus

Baconesque Figure with Grapes
THE EXHIBITIONIST I am a figurative artist who endeavors to authentically define and catalog my contemporary experiences of being female by painting and drawing woman in costume and environments that satirize erroneous social ideals. I regularly invite other woman, artists and models, to share their experiences and to help expand my understanding by adding their unique perspective to the studio environment. In this work, the way we are perceived, portrayed and controlled in the world is contrasted by how we truly identify with these beliefs. By dressing in unconventional ways and in unflattering natural poses, I challenge the viewer to see woman differently. Feminine nakedness is too often associated with seduction, sexuality, indecency, and powerlessness. This, coupled with our diverse population and the cultural differences within, incites me to find the congruence we share as woman and to celebrate through art making the truths we discover. This work ultimately demystifies the female form, defines and celebrates genuine beauty, freedom and feminine power, and deconstructs the stigma around woman and nudity. Judy Chappus September 2018