Patrinia Landrum

Blue Boy
My name is Patrinia Landrum and I paint abstract using oil and/or acrylic on canvas. I am self-taught, and began painting sometime in 2009 during the last recession when I was unable to find work. I just decided to go and purchase some art supplies from the art store and try my hand at abstract painting. I have always liked to doodle, and can remember always carrying a pad and pencil as a young child, trying to draw a street. That memory stands out the most for some reason. I also have been told quite a bit in my life that I know how to put colors together well. If you knew me it would seem kind of strange because I primarily wear black. I do not know why we push back from natural talents, only to find ourselves working towards them later. At least that has been my experience, but I am glad that I have found something that I love to do, and can never get enough of. I love to create, and where would the world be if we did not have creative types? I mostly draw from how I feel when creating pieces of artwork However, there are times when I will have a color scheme in mind when I start and I will just go from there. I literally have a million ideas and never enough canvas. I hope that my creations bring a sense of joy, confidence, peace, happiness, love, loyalty, contentment, and fulfillment when viewed. I am thanking you for your patronage in advance, and I am grateful for you taking the time to appreciate my art.