Rose DeSloover

Farmington Hills MI

Brilliant Blue
Mixed Media
Artist Statement
Kryptonite for Protection These five pieces are part of a larger vocabulary of images. Kryptonite is a green neon color associated with the imaginary planet Krypton. A rock from Krypton reduced Superman’s powers. I perceive kryptonite as a protective color, a talisman of sorts, protection from anyone attempting to overpower. Kryptonite evens the playing field. Each object is a protective device that becomes a super protector when presented in kryptonite green. The object is mounted on a color square. Color in my work does not necessarily identify or reinforce an object; it represents an emotion, a characteristic, a thought, a place, a relationship. The cultural pairing of color and word in color-charts is a happy synchronicity for me. The juxtaposition of an object, a color and a color title sets up a visual conversation which is sometimes contradictory or paradoxical and whose legibility is not always immediately discernible. Color Name/Object; Kryptonite / Triple Care Kit Protection while traveling 12 x 12 Hot Rod / Light Saber Protection from darkness 12 x 12 Mystical Grape / Night Light Protection from spiritual darkness 12 x 12 Statement of Style / Broom & Dustpan Protection from grime 12 x 12 Brilliant Blue / Tooth Brush Protection from germs 12 x 12 This current focus plays off of one paradox of contemporary life --- an overwhelming sense of vulnerability and the need for protection on both a personal and collective level. Portable Confessional 2008 I found the confessional discarded outside of a chapel. I refurbished the exterior and chose two colors to paint each side --- Sweet Naiveté for the penitent and Secret for the priest. Originally, I had considered replacing the screen but realized that the power of the piece was captured in the words whispered through that thin divider Color/ Object; Secret/ Portable Confessional 24” x 27” house paint/found object Sweet Naiveté reverse side Cinderella’s Shoes 1997/2008 Sometime in the seventies, I bought three pair of satin, Florsheim, size 10, liturgical shoes in a white elephant sale at the Verona Fathers’ Mission in Monroe, Michigan. The shoes had belonged to Bishop H. C. Donnelly of Toledo, the Bishop who confirmed me with a slap on the cheek in 1957. Most significant --- the shoes fit me. In 2008, I selected the color Rapture for the shelf to display the shoes. Color Name/ Objects; Rapture/ Cinderella’s Shoes 14” x 36”, house paint/found object
Past DAM Shows/Exhibitions
2010 Wordage
2011 Small(er) Show