Christopher Posler

Artist Statement
Love is love. That's Christopher "Rover” Posler in a nutshell. This 60+ queer artist is trying to make a new start, but COPD and congenital heart disease got in the way. Posler is not going to let that stop the trajectory of a good art reputation. Sales may not have been good, but that won't stop Posler because he comes from great stock and has Edward, the best lover in the world.

Posler’s fine art education comes from many schools and a family that lives in art. This dirty old man has 60 years of art under his belt, from being a sex educator in Midwest & South Florida, an International sex positive advocate, Governor Granholm's sexual advisor to the HIV planning body, Asst. Director of LAM, to a Manager at Pleasure Chest –Chicago for 15 years. Lots of art work built up that needs to come out. Current obsession is graphic to graphic and text to graphic Techno Art. Please be nice--the Corporation Jackboot is on my neck!?