Ryan Haas

Detroit MI

Copper Cup
Artist Statement
Metal has always been a way for me to bring my ideas to life because of its endless possibilities. This is something that really drives me to work on my excising skills while trying to learn as many different techniques as I can. The two techniques I use most are forging and machining. Forging gives me the freedom to use metal like clay, forming and compressing the material into everything from tools to intricate line work. Machining is also a big passion of mine because tolerances, having to work in such close increments really makes me focus on how the parts I make fit and function. My work is all about function as well as design. My inspiration comes from industrial machines, oil refineries and antique horsepower engines. These are inspiring to me because of so many moving parts working with one another to complete a task an uncountable number of times without failure. This is something I strive for in my work to create a piece that is machined or worked to a perfect fit to insure the mechanism works smoothly and indefinitely. The audience for my work is the people who want the only piece like that in the world. This makes my work have a very personal and meaningful connection between person and piece.
Past DAM Shows/Exhibitions
2012 Scholarship Exhibition CCS