Winnie Chrzanowski

Royal Oak MI

Day 7 – Monument Valley
Artist Statement
Photography is a way for me to see the world with new eyes. I enjoy taking photos and then seeing how to make a mundane subject look not so ordinary. I try to find different perspectives and vantage points while making an image. What I truly love to do is shoot an image with a painting in mind even though I’m not a painter. How do the colors move through the landscape? Should I have a more intimate and close up view? Will the image look better in color or black and white? How can it tell the story of the moment in the most precise manner? Those are my questions to myself as I set out to shoot. I'm thinking about how it will look in the camera and then how it will look when I put it into post processing. While I try to make the best composition I can possibly make in camera, I usually feel I can make that image speak more distinctly and maybe even a bit louder with post processing.