Jessica Laura

Rockwood MI

Detroit: Purple Fog
Artist Statement
My name is Jessica, most call me Jess, a few call me Jessie or Caca (not the most flattering, but an enduring story comes with that), even fewer call me momma-o, and only one (so far) calls me grandma-o. I am a Rockwood, Michigan native, lover of disc golf, one lucky lady to get to be surrounded by the best friends and family a person could ask for, and recently a photographer. I also suffer from daily migraines and pain which led me to quit my career a few years ago, with no plans for the future. I took the time to decompress and learn, and I finally found my calling, my passion, and my happy. My favorite is to be downtown Detroit an hour or two before the sun rises and appreciate the quiet and the calm in the moments before the world wakes up. I get out of my car singing 'I turn my camera on' by Spoon and I get to capture those moments with my camera. I am so grateful for my friend Dan, an amazing photographer, who believed in me and loaned me a camera to get me started.