Troy Weaver

Detroit MI

Down with the Sickness
Artist Statement
I'm an artist from New York City where I lived and worked in my first 25 years before moving to Detroit 31 years ago. I graduated from Art and Design H.S. in '83, studied fashion illustration at Fashion Institute of Technology in '83 - '85. I Interned and was employed at NBC Local News Graphics in '85 - '86, I had a brief stint in the Air Force in '86 - '87, then I moved to Detroit in 1990. I began learning digital illustration on CoralDraw 2,0 in '91 and started back again in '08 on Photoshop. My style has a 3D, depth, spatial and translucent effect in which I like to insert aesthetic, eclectic elements. I am currently constructing a series of subjects with intriguing socio-political farces of contradictions.