Daniel Melendez

St Clair Shores MI

Elvis mural
Artist Statement
I have been a professional wall muralist for 37 years, specializing in photo-realistic murals. Growing up and beginning my career in Southern California, I started out painting small businesses and home interiors and managed to find enough work to earn a living while I learned to master my craft. On a twist of fate I ended up in Detroit 20 years ago. My art career took off. Not only working on a more consistent level, but painting in bigger and more important venues. My first job in Detroit was the lobby of the Hockeytown Café and Second City Theatre, which led to Comerica Park, inside the GM Building and restaurants, nightclubs, bowling centers, skating rinks, banquet halls, and interiors of homes all over the Detroit Metro area. After seven years I returned to California only to be flown back to Michigan twice to paint murals. It was shortly after my second trip back that I was hired by Bass Pro Shops and was flown around the country painting realistic murals from anywhere between 25 feet-long to the length of football fields (300 feet ). For the first time, because of my years with Bass Pro Shops, I could actually take time off and put together a series of canvas paintings which are available and viewable on my database. I will always feel that Detroit was responsible for resurrecting my art career and hope that it will continue to bring me continued success. All of my murals and canvas paintings are done completely by hand. Daniel Lee Melendez