Gary Eleinko

Detroit MI

Artist Statement
In addition to being a Detroit based artist for a number of decades, I’ve also have served on the boards and exhibition committees of non-profit galleries, juried and curated shows, and supported regional arts broadly. My work is featured in a number of private collections, and is found in the collections of the Detroit Institute of Arts, University of Michigan, and Wayne State University. For many years the work was largely abstract and somewhat geometric in nature. In the late 70s my painting switched from a rectangular format to painted constructions which continue to the present. Encaustic, watercolor, and collage work are also part of my oeuvre. In the last decade or so my work has changed and has become referential to aspects of nature (especially botany and aspects of weather), science, and occasionally social issues. My art often depicts elements and moods generated by the natural world, as well as other interests that intrigue me. They can be a respite from the turbulent and unsure times we live in.