Katie Craig

Gilda Snowden
Artist Statement
A tension exist within the moment, implied motion an willed function of objects in relation to implemented experiences created in space an time. Social constructs disband, semiotics employed, I am a performer. My self the found object my body the actions. One may define the ideas that our presented through this investment in a push a pull of expression. My own self-inflicted dissipation of space embodied by my interruptions. An artist that wants to interpret the mind through visual, auditory and site manifestations of existence. An autobiography of me, were implied movement is present. The relevant relationships our to the sites as well the situations that I command. Lines that can be crossed over and spaces built with invisible walls, language, found objects, sound, signs of life and rebellion. Thinking outside of traditional confines of making. Can one be moving as time is stands still, reflections of thought process that implies intentions with reactions to cultural relevance and site-specifics. When I interact with objects in a tension and emphasis on placement, I am present a sound is applicable to movement and there are many ways to acknowledge my practice that dispel the notions of conformity. Walk with me on a journey. Abstract thoughts are emphasized performances is in an ethos of entropy, Conceptual thought process is apparent. The mind, a channel for interpretation the remnants a city the artist embodies the form of entropy a state of mind and a state of being is the work of art. Knowledge is freedom and I strive to possess this an experience. My work is my own self-inflicted displacement sees it physically manifest itself in sculpture installation. I have given you the opportunity to look through my eyes to see me where space exists and why I choose to apply my own interpretation of beauty. A manifestation of my thoughts, there is a tension that is built there is a moment that is applied on and off right to left to right backwards forwards upside down backwards defending a sense of confusion. Sculptural interaction with bricks, architecture site an institutional space denote a self-refection on immortality of place image my medium, the fixed notion of artist is malleable. The ephemeral realized in a moment defined in occurrence. I am the Difference defined as no one or the other a static collage.