Barbara Gaber

Royal Oak MI

In the Pink
Artist Statement
I am a painter, jewelry designer, and interior designer. For me, painting is the most satisfying of these expressions of creativity because paint is forgiving and when a piece is going well, I feel exhilarated and probably have lost track of time. I often use raw canvas for my art because I enjoy the way the acrylic paint absorbs into it. Interesting halos emerge around a drop of paint as it spreads and dries. I am always challenged to use brushstrokes in a variety of scales and levels of energy, painting as fast as I can for maximum spontaneity. Sometimes I envision a finished work and I transfer the image to canvas. Other times, the paint takes the lead and I follow what it tells me to do. Most often the results are abstract. I rely on the same design principles in all of my endeavors; variety of sizes, repetition of shapes, overlapping, use of negative space and play of textures. Color commands great respect and it is thrilling to mix the exact right hue and watch it make my work sing. My taste is both contemporary and eclectic. I look for beauty in the world and am chagrined when I see poor design. I am driven to make it right because our surroundings must be well conceived and have purpose. To make my inner vision reality, I focus on the energy I feel and see in nature. The canvas must vibrate with the liveliness of saturated color or resonate softly with earthy neutrals or a combination of both. When someone connects with my work, I am delighted to see that my inspiration has worked in a reciprocal way and that my art has brought them joy.