Marissa Jezak

Harrison Twp. MI

Artist Statement
Out of all the visual arts, photography has always infatuated me the most. I love the ability photographs have to simultaneously record and distort moments in time. Movement is a huge theme in my work. I am very influenced by dance, so capturing a beautiful motion feels like something I am obligated to do and it feels very natural. The human body can be depicted in an endless number ways and I really love to emphasize its many possible forms, realistically, gracefully, and beautifully. In addition to photographing people, I tend to look for unconventional sources of beauty wherever I go. Whether it is in the studio or outside in nature, the flux of my subjects never ceases to fascinate me. I am always experimenting with different techniques and seeking new and unique experiences to participate in and document.
Past DAM Shows/Exhibitions
2012 Scholarship Exhibition CCS