Jerome Patryjak

Roseville MI

Lokta Black x 2
Artist Statement
To create my paper constructions the primary choice of paper: flat, common, ubiquitous. Paper as a surface for ink, paint, pencil and bare expositions of paper itself, a celebration of the richness of this simple material. The work is personal and intimate, pulling the viewer into the artwork to explore and imagine. Reference the significance of darkness, of shallow space, suggestions of deep space, the passage of time through star tracks and comet trails, through the drag of a pen, and the patterns of waves disappearing on the shore, snowfall clouds and fields. This is visual jazz improv, with a dance with the material, color, and shapes, pushing dark and light against each other with softness of paper and the hardness of metallic powder pigments, taking what is flat and regular and normal and giving it that bebop twist, that flipflop from squaresville into the next unknown, with a beat.