Suzanne Andersen

Grosse Pointe MI

Artist Statement
"I believe all artists spend their lives interpreting images that are stamped in their minds during childhood." Bruno Shultz, artist and writer. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, the middle of three girls. My mother was from a small town in Iowa and my father from an even smaller town in Mississippi. Cultural differences were always present in our home. Each of these bodies of work relates to my childhood. The dolls I played with, the socks we kept in a desk drawer, the white gloves we wore to church, the wash rag my mother ran over my face before bed – these are some of the images that recur in my work. By purposely changing the medium and the context, I hope the viewer will be able to relate to these memories. As I grew up, I developed a love of travel. The landscape series was painted on location in Italy. Whenever I stand on a hillside, sit on a bench in a town square, or look down a winding road, I want to convey my joy of just being there. The paintings are memories of those times and places. In 2008, I went to China with a ceramics group from Hood College (Frederick, MD). It fulfilled a lifelong dream to see the Terra Cotta Warriors as well as visit museums and other historical sites. It opened my eyes to an aesthetic and culture with which I have become fascinated.
Past DAM Shows/Exhibitions
2010 Wordage
2011 Small(er) Show
2011 Underwear/Unmentionables Show
Art for the Holidays 2012