Allison Lund

Grosse Pointe Farms MI

Artist Statement
Working primarily with acrylic and ink, most of my pieces are unplanned compositions that can start on a frenzied or chaotic path that ultimately leads to a balanced and harmonious composition. I let the mediums take me on a journey of texture, color and light. A feeling or emotion, or even a certain piece of music usually supports the journey. I create abstract art that allows the viewer to interpret each piece in their own way. What I see, feel, or have the intention to create, may be the total opposite of what each individual viewer sees. I think that is the beauty of any abstract artistic expression.

Born and raised in Alabama, I recently moved to the Detroit, Michigan area from Nashville, TN.

Art of the Craft - Centennial Art Center Nashville, TN - August/September 2021
Tennessee Craft Fair Emerging Artist - Centennial Park Nashville, TN - May 2022
Commission - Gibbon Architecture Shaker Heights, OH - January 2022