Martha Zausner Paul

West Bloomfield MI

Oceanscape 2012
Artist Statement
When Martha Zausmer Paul received her bachelor of fine arts degree from Wayne State University at the age of 62, she began her long postponed love of working toward becoming an artist Martha is a visual artist working mainly in watercolor and oil, blending realism and abstraction. For her, the creative process is deeply nourishing, meditative, and unpredictable. When the results of her artistic exploration appear to be headed in a disappointing direction, Martha refuses to concede defeat, with determination she finds her way back to her work, back to that place where there is a sense of satisfaction and energy, where beauty and emotion unite with a visual and sensory impact; always loving the challenge that it provides. Art has been, and always will be life changing and enriching for Martha. While painting, there is a mysterious sense of spirit, peacefulness, and joy that surrounds her.
Past DAM Shows/Exhibitions
2011 Small(er) Show
Garden Sale 2011