Nanci LaBret Einstein

Bloomfield Hills MI

Pope Goes Global
Artist Statement
Sculptures My sculptures, at first glance may seem decorative – basic, fundamental. But, in fact they deal with the most common denominators in all art- form, weight, color, light and texture. It is no different; in a sense from the way Phillip Pearlstein may relate those objects surrounding his nudes to the figures themselves. The means by which I achieve and explore these elements are with materials not commonly used. Recycled objects, beads, popsicle sticks, and other found objects may not be materials of common choice; but are, as pertinent to this discussion as any tube of paint slathered on canvas and as appropriate as any metal fighting for it’s line in space. Their commonality is not unlike Lichtenstein’s use of the comic, Oldenburg’s use of an ice cream or yet again Duchamp /r.mutt and his infamous urinal. The components are taken out of context and repositioned, interacting to form a new whole. What their prior function once was is really not relevant to the piece only to the discovery of its parts, upon viewing the whole. Photographs Nanci & Allen Einstein The photographs are collaborations created with my husband, Allen Einstein. We have always enjoyed flowers throughout their life stages. Watching the flowers as they grow to maturity, we are delighted and some how surprised by the brilliance of the blooms that emerge. While their lifespans are relatively short, the changes that occur in each flower; color deepening, petals curling and drying add to their innate beauty As the photographs have continued to evolve, different concerns have come into play. They have always encompassed the basics: form, line, weight, color and composition. The photographs, in ways, are another medium to draw with. They are not unlike my sculptures; the marriage of different elements composed creating a whole.
Past DAM Shows/Exhibitions
2011 Small(er) Show