Matthew Hanna

Redford Michigan

Promise Land, 2006
Mixed Media
Artist Statement
Driven by history, faith and fantasy I embrace a spiritual devotion to the ritual of art making pounding images into the surface with common tools and materials. Worked repetitively until the material becomes the content- recording and processing stimuli to craft a dense diagram of layered historic pictorial references to navigate. The most recent episode of painting is an ongoing series of mixed media and collaged landscapes that focus on Staghorn Sumac, a roadside pioneer plant often seen growing in the tree line along the way. One of the best known of the North American sumacs is the Staghorn Sumac. It grows from southern Canada to Georgia and Mississippi. It is an attractive flat-topped tree, growing 30 to 35 feet high. The tree bears small, greenish flowers and tiny red berries. Its fernlike leaves are velvety dark green above and pale beneath. In autumn, the leaves turn scarlet, orange and purple. The forked branches of immature trees have a velvety down. The berry clusters and leaf-stalks are hairy.
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2011 Small(er) Show
2012 Scholarship Exhibition CCS
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