Dennis Montville

Sterling Heights mi

Random Emotions
Artist Statement
Wood is one of the most expressive fundamental elements on earth. Once part of a living organism it still expresses the echoes of that life captured within its fibers. This is the ‘voice’ of the material. Engineering is the ‘voice’ that humankind uses to express itself with works of visual and functional presence. My work combines both voices to create a harmony of natural and man-made beauty.” As my statement above says, I strive to merge the power of nature with the creativity of the human spirit. Though most of my work involves the use of the lathe I also use many other tools to create objects from wood and other materials. I enjoy juxtaposing natural with man-made materials in my pieces. I always design a piece first and determine how to make it after. This means I often have to create a new tool before I can complete the piece. That just adds to the enjoyment for me. I make architectural, engineering and artistic pieces and enjoy working with clients to bring about their needs or vision. I also like to work with other artists who may have an idea for a creation but may lack the skills or equipment to get it done. I have a fully equipped workshop with tools for working with wood and metal. Feel free to contact me if you would like to collaborate on a project.