Kyle Irving

Madison Heights MI

Respect and Honor
Artist Statement
The imagery of Kyle “RISE” Irving is visually influenced by the pop art, mainstream comic book and video game cultures, with a heavy influence of graffiti style. The work is bold in contrast, with thick gestural washes that constantly keep the viewers eyes moving around and throughout the canvas. My work utilizes the blending of paint and ink washes, with strong iconic imagery in the foreground creating strong contrast with a iconic feel and theme. With all these elements working together my art has a strong feeling of the urban, bold line work, street art feel that Detroit is known for on canvas and other surfaces. Bio Kyle “RISE” Irving's artwork has seen all types of shifts and changes in his years of working. Metro Detroit artist, received formal training and teaching from Oakland University where he focused on Fine Art with a classification in drawing. His final work at Oakland was an epic piece 15' x 4' with layer upon layer of portraiture. Upon leaving Oakland Kyle Irving moved far away from realism drawing into the realm of Low Brow, character, and graffiti art. Hitting the streets running Kyle Irving picked up stenciling everything he could. Kyle Irving at this time picked the name "RISE". From here Kyle "RISE" Irving's work evolved from rough cut stencils and classical training to blend all these together into what he has dubbed "Hooligan Art" (Def: Hooligan - a violent young troublemaker) RISE used splashes of bright vibrant colors, bold stencils, layered with tattoo/music/and cultural references. Making bold politcal statements in his early work, conveying the messagee that people must come together and unite for a greater good. Later his work took a step away from political ideas and more towards iconic imagery that he wanted to have make a connection with the viewer. The motto of Kyle "RISE" Irving and his work was, "I want my work to connect with someone on the level that when they see it, it makes their life better." From here iconic, flash style imagery has been a strong focus. Kyle "RISE" Irving - "I was told once from a well known artist from Germany that there are a couple roads that an artist can take: 1. Realize that the artworld is harsh and give up now. 2. Do the art that people like, but may not always like. 3. Do the art you love doing and work hard it, it will be worth it in the end. RISE went with the third option. RISE continues to develop his style, themes, and techniques, always looking to do better then his last piece.
Past DAM Shows/Exhibitions
2010 Garden Sale
2011 Art for the Holidays
2011 Small(er) Show
Art for the Holidays 2010