Rebel Nell

Detroit MI

Artist Statement
Rebel Nell creates defiant jewelry with a purpose. Their mission is to employ disadvantaged women in Detroit to make jewelry, educate them on business and life management skills and empower them to transition to an independent life. Rebel Nell's product line starts with graffiti, an abundant local resource. The graffiti is collected after it has fallen off the walls due to the weight of the layers and damage from Mother Nature. While Rebel Nell collects the paint from various locations throughout the city, all pieces shown in this collection have come from the Dequindre Cut and The Alley Project. After some hard work and TLC, rebel Nell turns a scrap piece of layered graffiti into beautiful works of wearable art. The graffiti, just like Detroit, looks a little rough on the surface but is made up of beautiful layers just like the intricate layers of people, ideas and history that makes up the city.