Jim McIntosh

Round Holly with Bog Oak
Jim McIntosh is a self-taught jewelry artist who has been creating works of Art to Wear since 2003. He began his career in jewelry just outside of Memphis Tennessee using wire wrap techniques. As his technique developed, he wrote 4 very inventive books on Wire Art (Wirewrapping: The Basics and Beyond, Wiresmithing - The New Look of Wire Art, More Wirewrapping: The Basics and Beyond, and Wirewrapping with Wire and Metal). The focus of his work was to present a fine balance between metal and stone. This allowed him to show the beauty of both elements. His philosophy about jewelry is unique, "the jewelry a person wears should enhance their look", says Jim. "I think it's a crime that people should wear jewelry that has been churned out by the thousands in a factory. You're an individual, you should own and wear jewelry that is also individual". This philosophy has led him to create work that is considered Art to Wear. His latest line focuses on exotic wood from around the world. Add to it and artistic view, unique inlays of metal, stone and Fordite and you have a lovely work of art that you can wear in any setting. Each piece that has been created is a “one-of-a-kind” work of Art.
Artist Statement
My work over the past 15+ years has been a constant search for new and innovative shapes, processes, and materials. It's my desire that everyone should have works of jewelry art that reflects the inner artist in them. No one should have to wear jewelry that has been manufactured hundreds or thousands of times. To that end I create pieces that uncover an artistic vision that I share with each person who wears my work. My current work explores contemporary uses of natural exotic wood with modern elements. Natural wood has a look and feel that grounds the wearer with the natural things that surround them. Adding in other elements such as metals and even automotive paint reminds them of the modern industrial world that we are immersed in. Through the art that we choose to surround ourselves with, we express how we see and interact with the world around us. Being able to take an expression of your artist identity with you in the form of jewelry allows the world to have a peek at your personal view on the world.