Jamie Hickey

Detroit MI

Sake Set White with Tray
Artist Statement
Through the techniques of hand-building and slip-casting I explore the boundaries of functional pieces. Alon with this I practice the process and art of what normally a machine would do, but add the variable in which the organic, soft touch of clay can be ween. Within my work I wish to remind viewer and users that this process is one in which the final product is formed with that of the hand and eye. With this I strive to create a unique quality not seen in the average everyday pot, but keep beauty and balance with both. With these objects my goal is to create a pleasurable environment for the user of the object to enjoy when in use as well as serve as an esthetically pleasing work of art to the eye when not in use. Within my work I continue to explore the worlds of the handmade and designed forms together to create a relationship of unity and balance that can be shared between the work and the user itself.
Past DAM Shows/Exhibitions
2012 Scholarship Exhibition CCS