Hiroko Lancour

Royal Oak MI

Sashiko Hemp Leaves
Mixed Media
Artist Statement
Born and raised in Japan, my original artistic sensibility was developed in the eastern world. Having lived in the United States most of my adult life, this sensibility has become a hybrid between east and west. My earlier education and career in information technology has added yet another layer to my artistic expressions. Discovering underlining meanings in repetitive patterns and procedures has become one of my focal points. I am also interested in dichotomy. I believe that yin and yang interact, not only as opposite forces, but also as harmonizing parts of a dynamic system within a greater whole. I often see things from both sides. I feel as if I were an insider looking out, and an outside looking in, at the same time. This ambivalent stance generates many questions to which I am compelled to respond.
Past DAM Shows/Exhibitions
2013 Scholarship Exhibition-Wayne State