Sean Hages

Ferndale MI

Terra Bug Commonwealth (The Brubwork Comminute)
Artist Statement
For me, site-specific installation art has risen above other mediums to become the most interesting and challenging form of artistic expression. I have been making installations for the last 5 years and have found it to be an encompassing avenue for the various mediums and techniques I have accrued throughout my artistic career. Installation art allows me to incorporate my skill set into one discipline. Through installations I can build large works from any medium. My installation works can be: public, kinetic, time-based and interactive. The limitless potentiality of the installation enthralls me like no other artistic endeavor ever has. With my installation art I try to make work that interacts with its environment, is kinetic, explores new mediums, and is physically demanding to make. Through experimentation and innovation, I strive to develop a personal style that is unique and thoroughly considered. The search for beauty, invention, and desire to change the world for the better through communication is my artistic inspiration and goal. Through my work as an installation artist I have explored a variety of mediums. One consistent theme in my material choice is using materials that are inexpensive or readily available. I have made art from rubble and garbage and the byproducts of manufacturing. Beyond financial necessity, this type of resourcefulness is inline with the movement of recycling and reuse in contemporary society. I also feel that making something beautiful from something ugly is a metaphor for the type of change needed in Detroit. I feel it is the artist’s responsibility to build the changes in the world they seek. Through installation art, I can open people’s minds to new ideas about our world. I use my art to reach others and help them see their world in a new way.
Past DAM Shows/Exhibitions
2011 Art for the Holidays
Art for the Holidays 2010
Garden Sale 2011