Diane Kramer

Howell MI

The Girl Who Carried the Weight of the World
Mixed Media
Artist Statement
"All of my work is conceived from within. Just as nature shapes through time its landscapes, I too have been shaped by my past experiences. I try to discern the "essence" of things. Intuition and dream states are channels through which I arrive at the form and content of my work. My images, feelings and forms are connected to the unconscious world where my images are developed. My work conveys the passage of time and inner worlds Reflecting who I am as an artist and individual. The materials in each piece play a significant role in the successful conclusion of the work, regardless of whether it is sculpture or painting. My fascination with color, textures, and shapes, and the alchemical process that occurs in the melding of materials, feeling, and form over time have manifested into the completed works which are all “rooted in intuition”.