Alonso Del Arte

The Nain Rouge’s Guitar
Artist Statement
I think photography is an art, but I prefer to see it as a craft. If something is interesting, I want to photograph it and convey how interesting it was to those who were not there. I have no interest in irony or social commentary, that's best left to pundits and philosophers, in my opinion. There is no questioning of boundaries, no examination of identities, no recontextualizing of social norms in my photography; if it's an art buzzword, it's not to be found in my photos. Thanks to Detroit Artists Market (DAM) I have gotten into the art of hand-made guitars, except for the strings and tuning pegs, which I buy from Wonderland Music in Dearborn or Professional Guitars in Ferndale. As for painting, I am strictly a dabbler, everyone else who paints in the DAM roster is much better at it than I am. So it's a surprise and an irony that many more of my paintings are collected than my photos.
Past DAM Shows/Exhibitions
If You Build It, They Will Come