Lawrence Sekulich

Things Seen and Unseen
I have always enjoyed looking at pictures of art work. Many years ago, my parents had a very large art history book sitting on their coffee table. I would often sit down with it and slowly view the images of famous paintings. They were all masterpieces and I couldn’t fathom how they were created. As I got older, I began to take art classes in school and read about art history. I often struggled with drawing and painting. However, I was hooked. I wanted to be involved in the visual arts. This determination led me to complete a B.S. (art education) and a M. Ed (with a variant in art therapy) from Wayne State University. The human figure (drawn from life) is a prime resource for my work. Sometimes it is a traditional portrait. Just as often, however, a face (or faces) or a figure (figures) will appear in a more abstracted composition. My art work falls into several series or categories. Portraits, as already mentioned, are important in my creations. Mythology, Judaism / Christianity and symbolism are often found in my images. Finally, I frequently enjoy injecting things from my imagination into my art work. We are fortunate to be living in an area that has a rich artistic heritage. I am therefore grateful to the following organizations for providing many opportunities to look at art, create art and exhibit art; the Detroit Institute of Arts, Wayne State University, the Scarab Club of Detroit, the Ann Arbor Art Center, the Visual Arts Association of Livonia, the Detroit Artists Market, the Birmingham-Bloomfield Art Center, the Lawrence Street Gallery and the Livonia Arts Commission / Livonia Civic Center Library.