Sam Kthar

Untitled – Sam Kthar
As an artist, there is desire to test outside of one’s limits while staying true to the sense of self in order to allow for accessing all possibilities that of which exists. This applies to having a range of brilliant and bold colors along with various brush strokes to compliment the works. In relation to this submission, intending to create a pronounced effect that is memorable enough to leave the viewer to decipher his/her own feelings about the piece rather than explaining the true essence of the piece is the ultimate goal. By having the opportunity to share my work in your space, it will help to bring what art is intended to bring, that being connections with others. Creation is to be used to spread inspiration in others. Artworks are best described as abstract expressionism. Use of medium includes but not limited to acrylic on canvas. Descriptions are best understood when taking into consideration the conditions relative to mood, time of day/year, and inspiration of creation.