Brandon Scott

Orion MI

Artist Statement
The objective of my work is to enlighten and intrigue viewer. The idea is to create work which is unique and show a combination of influences. Most of the work happens to be portraiture; this is because a portrait portrays the utmost truth or lie of a person and humans relate best to one another, portraits are the essence. No matter what the subject matter, expression becomes important because it allows themes not reflected in our products and media. Also, any abstract elements draw attention to self exploration, concepts, and methods. My work is influenced by artists, media, and nature. Using elements such as value, color, patterning, layering, geometry, application best define and shape my work. These elements are presented to establish the mood of each piece and are often used metaphorically . I usually stress the idea of balance so that the work becomes aesthetically pleasing, but still allows variation. There is also a consideration of size, composition, and dimension, for these decide the ambiguity of each piece. I am constantly thinking of the finished product, so presentation is also important. Throughout the development of my work, I become closer in my search to find my ideal form of expression. Each of these projects help me narrow down. I am continuously trying to outdo myself so that my work becomes clearer both in concept and execution. The idea is to intrigue the audience, draw questions about the world around and ourselves. As I continue to research and grow as an artist, these concepts will become more relevant as I establish my identity. My ultimate intension is that my work be both successful through my eyes and to the audience, and that I become specific in my identity.
Past DAM Shows/Exhibitions
2012 Scholarship Exhibition CCS
All Media Exhibition 2009
Annual Scholarship Awards and Exhibition: CCS