Jennifer Carson

Wanna Play?
I have always loved color, texture, and figuring out how things were put together. As a child I would sit for hours and entertain my self with a pair of scissors and a pack of construction paper. After attempting to find my artistic voice via painting, and not being totally satisfied, I moved into the world of art dolls while raising my four children. I began teaching myself how to design bodies, starting with a simple dragon with only two feet and constantly reaching for a more complex form. In the beginning I was painting the features onto the dolls with acrylic paint. Then my one of my high-school art teachers showed me how to use a felting needle. That was it, the next piece of the puzzle I needed to move forward with my work. Now I have learned many techniques and discovered a love for hand sewing and embroidery as well. Each character I create always has a story to tell, whether he be a soft sculpted figure, or a two-dimensional embroidered piece. A driving force in my work has always been the work of Jim Henson and the wonderful artists that were lucky enough to work with him, humor, magical everyday happenings, and my love for animals. I strive to create a piece that speaks to the beholder with the magic of childhood innocence. I endeavor to remind people of the possibility we felt as children.