Jennifer Belair

Detroit MI

Collections-The Pros and Cons
Mixed Media
Artist Statement
My work currently explores imagined landscapes, psychological spaces, and abstracted planes of existence. These are all spaces that we coexist in with other human beings and other creatures. I believe these imagined spaces have a psychological weight. I have been exploring themes of communication that relate not only to other individuals but also with the inner self. I am interested in the naturally mysterious quality that is present in everyday landscape. I have in turn created my own idea of a place of existence. The landscape represents a familiarity immediately recognizable with the viewer. Although the image has unclear qualities to it, there is an immediate connection that is taking place. Not all of the elements in the picture plane make spatial sense but have a stream of conscious quality to them. I want my work to have a cryptic quality that incites an emotional response. I want my works to tell sort of an abstract story. I encourage the viewer to examine all of the ephemeral parts that get pushed and pulled within the picture plane. Symbols are important mechanisms in my work. They act as "stand-ins" for more complex ideas-often using their attributes to describe my own personal life situations and those around me.
Past DAM Shows/Exhibitions
2012 Biannual All Media Exhibitioin
2013 Scholarship Exhibition-Wayne State
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