As an Artist living and working in beautiful Michigan, I find inspiration in the natural surroundings and its people. My main medium of choice is painting using oil and acrylic, as it allows me to explore my creativity and brings my visions to life. I am drawn to various styles, constantly experimenting and pushing the boundaries of what is considered contemporary, although the love of classical art is at my core. Thus, my pieces often mix elements of traditional techniques with modern interpretations. Through my art, I hope to connect with others and evoke emotion in a world that can often feel detached. Painting is my passion and I am grateful to share it with the world.

With a tumultuous life of foster care homes, running away, working too young, domestic violence and cancer, the one constant was my love of creating art. I’m a freehand artist because free is in that word. My training is equally unconventional, painting emotions is the common thread of humanity.