Call for Entry

Boogie Down Block Party Call for Entry

Detroit Artists Market is looking for DAM artist members to submit works beginning Tuesday, May 4 in all media formats to the first Boogie Down Block Party in our own backyard! Join us for this fun summertime festival featuring works created exclusively by DAM’s artist members. Participants and visitors will enjoy grilled food, refreshments, and dance tunes played through a collection of vintage boomboxes!

There is a non-refundable jury fee of $10 to participate in the Boogie Down Block Party call for entry via EntryThingy below. You may submit up to 10 works inside of your one entry. Do not submit separate entries, as you will be charged a non-refundable $10 jury fee once per entry.

In order to be an exhibiting artist you must have an active membership. You may purchase a new membership or membership renewal by clicking on the membership box at checkout when you submit your entry. DAM is a regional gallery and memberships are for artists living and working in MI.

All 2D works must be at or below the size limit of 24 x 36, and equipped with hanging hardware. DAM reserves the right to exclude accepted work from the exhibition if they are not ready to hang upon delivery to the gallery.