Sean Barber

Detroit MI

Conk Vessel
Artist Statement
My latest body of work is inspired by death. My concept started as simply a vessel for ashes of the dead. For me it started with trying to show beauty in form and exterior flare to lure the viewer in. What was lacking, and part of the process, was when the viewer came closer that was it. What you see is what you get. This lead me to consider the interior beauty as well. Take a hard look at the inside to reveal more than exterior beauty. Sometimes in life we find interior and exterior beauty. Sometimes we find the opposite with interior and exterior ugly, and then we also see a blend of sorts, (both beauty and ugly). I think this holds true in social and political practices with exterior beauty being the lure, but that often times is all it is, exterior beauty. What about the inside? The soul if you will. I will continue to explore the concept of inside/outside and how that has implications to you and me and the world we live in.
Past DAM Shows/Exhibitions
2013 Scholarship Exhibition-Wayne State