Marcia Freedman

Bloomfield Hills MI

Artist Statement
My paintings are brought to life by critical observation, personal experience, memory and reactions to events. They become a metaphor for personal emotions and external perceptions, but on a broader level integrate the personal with wider questions, political and social. Using organic forms found in the figure and landscape as a source, the work is informed by nature, science and the potential for investigating new ideas to describe the fluidity of life and bodily changes that occur due to the effects of genetics or the environment, causing decay and death. Images of organs, body parts, cellular forms, pods and rocks evolve into abstract images commenting on complex associations, perceptions and emotion. In constructing the abstractions, I fracture, deconstruct and recontextualize the forms, using the painting process, without losing the specificity of the emotional metaphor. The resultant images are mostly abstract, but in fact, based on the constant inquiry into the reality of life experience.
Past DAM Shows/Exhibitions
The Big Show