Darcel Deneau “Woodward”
Artist Statement
We have been called one of the most unique businesses in Metro-Detroit today. Innovators in the display of art and support of local artists. Celebrating local art. Each unique piece of our trademarked functional-art ArtWear serves as a walking gallery and a testament to our love for our local artists. 'Taking it to the Streets' is our tagline. Using fashion and accessories we communicate a fabulous element of Detroit's dynamic homegrown art. The Detroit artists work that we feature includes works by Gilda Snowden, Charles Alexander, Darcel Deneau, Leni Sinclair, Gary Grimshaw, Michele Lundgren, Kate Paul, FEL3000ft, L.E. Grimshaw and Carl Lundgren and our newest artists Jerome Ferretti and Claudia Hershman! We celebrate their work on silk scarves, satin and leather handbags, jewelry and accessories! Many of our artist are Kresge Art Award recipients as well as have displayed their work at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Detroit icon Gilda Snowden who is remembered on some of our ArtWear, has five pieces of art in the permanent collection at the DIA.