Dale Carlson


Detail of the Alexander G. Ruthven Building at the University of Michigan, 1109 Geddes Ave, Ann Arbor; Corrado Parducci & Carleton Watson Angell, architectural sculptors; built 1926-1928
Artist Statement
Photographer and architectural historian Dale A. Carlson was born and raised along the northeastern shores of Lake Michigan, where, as an adolescent, the city of Detroit called out to him in his dreams. A twelve year intrastate migration ended in 2004 in his now permanent home of southeast Oakland County. Mr. Carlson also resides part time in the city of New Orleans. He cites the unequaled architectural and cultural legacies of both Detroit and New Orleans as his muses, and the late architectural photographer, Balthazar Korab, as his top artistic influence. In the coming year Mr. Carlson’s publishing company is scheduled to release volumes focused on stained glass of the New Orleans metropolis, the extant building designs of Albert Kahn in southeast Michigan, and the life and work of Detroit based Italian-American mosaicist, painter and stained glass designer Andrew R. Maglia.