Madurima Ganguly

From memory
Artist Statement
My works are derived forms of every thing and anything. As a visual artist my works explore the possibilities of space, nature and images from living organisms at micro and macro level. My migratory life and constant conflict of being rooted in my own culture gives me the chance to see visual images beyond time, space and cultural periphery. Through my art practice I am trying to dig deeper in to my perceptual reality by addressing the evolutionary paradigm. The images I use are often fragments of body parts, simple forms, textures (organic,non-organic) and different formations of flora and fauna. My use of gold reflects the traditional association of the metal with wealth and supremacy . I believe that the beauty, brilliance and rarity of gold gives the visuals an earthly embodiment, power and strength. My interest thrive to the vast exploration of life itself. The complexity of today's life where everything is easily accessible yet perishable creates my visual narrative. I am constantly trying to address the politics of human nature through my creativity. The process of my works are more manipulative than the end result. I am trying to interpret my understanding of origin. Various facets of history, mythology, science, religion, tradition, culture, politics and nature inspires my art practice and challenges my ability to investigate them as a rational human being.