Camille Lecoutre

Royal Oak

Pay the Piper
Artist Statement
I use sewing as a prominent medium and have coined a term in English to describe my work, “Sew-lage”- the assemblage of mix-media sewn into iconic images. A female figure or silhouette is always present in my work. Threads bind and hold the woman and her surrounding in place. I usually incorporate materials that would normally be discarded. Whether it’s the mesh from bags of oranges, old x-rays or paper bags; questioning the notion of what is beauty, the transformation from useless to priceless and today’s widespread mantra “reuse, recycle”. Literature is one of my main sources of inspiration as well as popular culture and how it relates to women.My recent work explores the English language and other languages specifically idioms, clichés, metaphors and proverbs. How historical changes in the language, through the years have rendered some of these expressions meaningless or improper.
Past DAM Shows/Exhibitions
2011 Art for the Holidays