Giancarlo Pia

Detroit MI

The Machine
Artist Statement
I am a collage and mural artist living in the Cass Corridor area of Detroit. Inspiration came initially from direct experiences working with inner city youth and families impacted by poverty and trauma in their lives. My work continues to explore the mechanisms that empower individuals and enable them to move forward and thrive. Ideas form that identity, music, culture, dance, and community are the tools for survival. Images are intended to bring awareness but, more significantly, to generate hope. They reveal the strength, beauty, and tenacity of those coming up in a world which is often designed against them. Collages are mixed media – magazine, newspaper, & photography. Pieces are hand-cut and arranged -- computer modification is not applied to the work. Original collages range in size from 7’’by 18.5” to 11”by 13” inches, respectfully, and can be enlarged to multiple sizes and specifications (Prints are available). In May 2013, I completed a mural installation of a collage (‘Golden Hill’) for a local business on the west coast. The image was printed on DPF 8000 vinyl film and applied to a north-facing street wall -- a similar process can be applied to any of the work shown here.