20 Days | 20 DAM Artists

As we persevere through the current humanitarian and economic crisis, it’s important to continue supporting Detroit artists and organizations that advocate on their behalf. After all, the Detroit Artists Market was formed in 1932 during the Great Depression for the sole purpose of giving Detroit artists a voice, an exhibition venue, and a source of income through art sales. In that spirit, DAM brings you “20 Days, 20 DAM Artists,” an online exhibition featuring artwork from our members. When you purchase a piece, DAM pays the artist a 2/3 commission, while we retain 1/3. We also offer free local delivery and installation. 
A special thanks to the curators: Jeff Cancelosi, Melissa Jones, Holliday Martindale, Elizabeth Youngblood, and Darcel Deneau. And also to Scott McCabe for developing the exhibition page.
Please contact alex@detroitartistsmarket.org with questions.