All Media Exhibition, Juried by Valerie J. Mercer

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The Detroit Artists Market (DAM) is honored to present the All Media Exhibition, juried by Valerie Mercer, Curator of African American Art and Head of the General Motors Center for African American Art at the Detroit Institute of Arts. The All Media Exhibition began with an open call for DAM members and, from those entries, Mercer selected 58 local artists whose work will be featured.The 2021 All Media Exhibition reveals how Detroit artists kept busy during the surge of the pandemic. They created artworks that expressed, through varied artistic approaches, the importance of hope, survival, love, humanity, identity, beauty, community, nature, and culture for their and our lives. The skills with which these perspectives are conveyed in the artworks justify the region’s enduring pride in its artists. -Valerie J. Mercer


Participating Artists:

Jide Aje, Harold Allen, Zoe Beaudry, Robert Beras, Boisali Biswas, Davariz Broaden, Marguerite Carlton, Chris Charron, Sherell Chillik, Winnie Chrzanowski, Glenn Corey, Amelia Currier, Valarie Davis, Edmund Dorsey, Artina Dozier, Laurel Dugan, Jan Filarski, Anne Furnaris, Myles Gallagher, Bill Gemmell, Alex Gilford, DaeJona Gordon, Albert Gordon, Jabrion Graham, Margaret Griggs, Talese Harris, Steven Hauptman, Carol Jackson, Naigael Johnson, Dawnice Kerchaert, Rosemary Lee, Brant MacLean, Lilly Marinelli, Ian Matchett, David McLemore, David Mikesell, Timothy O’Neill, Bruce Peterson, Marcia Polenberg, Shirley Reasor, Laura Reed, Philip Ross, Angelo Sherman, Donita Simpson, Cameron Singletary, Ann Smith, Nicolena Stubbs, Rosemary Summers, Ron Teachworth, Roger Tertocha, Bryant Tillman, Vasundhara Tolia, Kimberly Tosolt, Alan Vidali, Bryan Wilson, Marsha Wright, Nolan Young, Lori Zurvalec.


Featured Artist:

Jimmy Goldfingers, curated by Laura Gibson


Artist 2 Artist: Valerie Mercer & Leland Calloway