Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce the Big Six Art Auction, DAM’s first-ever online fundraiser, Friday, November 27 – Saturday, December 12, 2020.

In 2014, DAM created a new tradition, an annual art auction gala held at iconic Detroit locations. The premise was simple. We selected artists whose work we admired, and we created a festive fundraising event around them. This year, against challenging circumstances, DAM presents the Big Six Art Auction, an online event featuring original work from—you guessed it—six of our featured artists, including Anita Bates, Birgit Huttemann-Holz, Ava East, Robert Sestok, April Anue, and Phil Simpson. Bid online between November 27 and December 12, and visit the gallery during that same time to see the works displayed at DAM’s Art for the Holidays event. Reserve your tickets now, and you will receive the auction site link via email on November 27th.


Roger Garrett

Elizabeth Tintinalli

The Roxbury Group

Jean Hudson

Kate Baker and Geoff Blumenthal

Eleanor Marsh

Nancy Cummins

Jeffrey Abt and Mary Paquette-Abt

Marilyn Wheaton

Donna Curran

Maureen Devine and Larry Baranski

Darcel Deneau

Tracy Irwin

Linda Cassidy

Effie Steele

Meighen Jackson

Timothy and Marilyn Mast

Rebecca Salminen Witt

Michael and Marcia Alberts

Julia Mercier

Jennifer Adderley

Interested in sponsoring Big Six? Contact Matt Fry at 313-832-8540 or To donate, click here.