¿GENDƎR? is an exhibition of how artists depict gender, using their own thoughts and experiences. Some explore outdated gender stereotypes, some gender roles, some through sexuality, and others confront the norms that society imposes. In the 21st century, the idea of gender has had many reformations, and the new lexicon reflects that: cisgender, binary, non-binary, gender fluid, androgyny, transgender, and gender pronouns. The show is but a glimpse into the myriad of possibilities.

Opening Reception

Friday, May 7

The opening reception is full, but there is no RSVP necessary to visit any subsequent day.


Friday, May 7 – Saturday, June 5, 2021

Participating Artists

Judy Eliyas, Jo Powers, James Stephens, John Hegarty, Teresa Petersen, Claudia Shepard, Bumbo, Darryl DeAngelo Terrell, Feather Chiaverini, Miroslawa Sztuczka, Sue Carman-Vian, Sabrina Nelson, Robert Schefman, Austin J. Brady, Betty Brownlee, Callie Hoskins.

Jack O. Summers Featured Artist

Aaron Decker, curated by Holliday