Poets, Mystics, and Gods









Organized by Mighty Real/Queer Detroit


During the month of June, Mighty Real/Queer Detroit presents a series of exhibitions that celebrates 77 years of LGBTQ+ art. These exhibitions—spread out among 17 Metro-Detroit galleries—feature established and emerging Detroit artists, as well as artists whose careers were shortened by HIV/AIDS. As a partner in this historic event, the Detroit Artists Market hosts the exhibition Poets, Mystics, and Gods.


Featuring artwork by Austė, Austin Ackles, Brian Buczak, Patrick Burton, Brian Carpenter, Carl Demeulenaere, Julio Dominguez, Bakpak Durden, Brett Evans, Carl George, Brenda Goodman, Michael Gute, John Gutoskey, Ray Johnson, Kira Keck, Maureen Petrucci, Leslie Ann Pilling, Gregory Sobieraj, Peter Sparling, Jon Strand, Jarrad Tacon-Heaslip, Vagner Whitehead, S. Kay Young.


Featured Artist Wall: Pamela Day



Live Performance by Vagner Whitehead

Left Listening is an ongoing endurance performance that intersects distinct practices: meditation, active listening, and antiracism learning. It aims to imply disturbance of public space, gender nonconformity, non-violent protest, and emotional labor, as well as epidemic/pandemic/endemic isolation. During live performances, the artist knits for a predetermined period of time while listening to an audiobook.

Join us for a live performance by Vagner Whitehead on Saturday, June 11th at 3 p.m. and view Poets, Mystics, and Gods, part of the city-wide Mighty Real/Queer Detroit series.

Please contact kelly@detroitartistsmarket.org with questions.

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